SIGNAL as Agent of Change: North of Tyne Community Led Local Development (CLLD) - a Regeneration Programme

This major regeneration programme focuses on one of the most socially disadvantaged areas in the UK.  The project, which is designed to engage approximately 2,000 people, is managed by Newcastle City Council.  SIGNAL is being used to ensure that it is a genuinely ‘community-led’ project.  And not just by the 40 stakeholders who represent the community, but by the households that are the community.  We are finding that the use of SIGNAL not only transforms the relationship that organisations build with their clients but it also enriches the programme management and enables agile planning that can respond to emerging need.  This is how the Chair of the CLLD Programme, Anthony Woods Waters describes it:

"The Project is wedded to the central importance of community as creators and innovators of change.  SIGNAL allows us to support and measure change that extends from individual, to household, to neighbourhood, to area, across our programme geography. It also allows us to plan for the future and create a long-lasting legacy driven by the community itself."