Changing Futures Northumbria

Mark Smith, Director of Public Service Reform at Gateshead Council and Programme Lead for Changing Futures Northumbria (CFN)

CFN is a 3-year Government-funded initiative with the objective to “improve the way that local systems and services work for adults experiencing multiple disadvantage and to use learning from this to influence future government programmes and policy.” (Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government)

“At Changing Futures Northumbria, we’re determined to learn how to support those with multiple and complex needs by building relationships and trust that will help to understand what matters and how to focus well on those things. Central to building any relationship is providing a space and methods for people to reflect on what they have and what they would like to develop.  SIGNAL helps us to do this by providing an intuitive and well-pitched series of prompts, something that can be updated and tracked over time.  Our hope is that as the programme progresses, we’ll be able to use this knowledge to create bespoke support and build strong relationships. Having good insight from SIGNAL will provide some rich insight from which we can all learn.”