Meet George Green, an Officer at the Harlequins Foundation. Initially sceptical about integrating SIGNAL into his busy schedule, George now champions its effectiveness. Managing the Try Time program, George supports young people at risk of school exclusion.

"When I first considered SIGNAL, I worried about the time commitment. But now, it actually saves me time. In just one session, I can deeply understand individual motivations, avoiding lengthy processes that could take weeks.

"The straightforward methodology and layout allowed me to use the tool effectively from the start. SIGNAL has helped us tailor our programme precisely to meet the needs of young people. The Life Map empowers them to visualise their current status, set goals, and improve.

"These Life Maps benefit not only young people but also schools. We offer feedback on areas to prioritise during Personal, Social, Health and Economic sessions."

Congratulations, George!

If you also work with young people between the ages of 11 and 16 and are interested in enhancing your engagement with them, as well as potentially improving your capacity, please reach out to us at