SIGNAL was showcased at this year’s Marmalade Week in Oxford, billed as “a place to discuss social change… a platform for collaboration, focussed on relationships, power and place.” This was the first face-to-face Marmalade for three years and it proved to be a vibrant and highly productive occasion.

Focussed on the objective of ‘making Oxford a better place all the year round’ the event threw down the gauntlet by launching three ‘Inquiries’ into Services for Humans, Sharing Power and Meaningful Measurement.  SIGNAL is a key component of the Meaningful Measurement Inquiry: what is it, why is it important and how can it be achieved? For the next 12 months we will be working with the community in the OX4 district of Oxford and together we will provide an evidence-based answer to that question.  We are very excited to have been invited to take part in this ‘experiment’ because we passionately believe that Measurement (of the impact of projects and programmes) is too often not meaningful because it does not take sufficient account of, or engage with, the people for whom projects and programmes were designed.  It was encouraging to hear the Chief Executive of Oxford City Council, Caroline Green, acknowledging the fundamental importance of Meaningful Measurement in her keynote speech.

The room was full, the challenge was set - and we will be back at next year’s Marmalade Week to report on our progress.

If you would like to find out more about Meaningful Measurement or find out how you can participate, please get in touch at