SIGNAL - TechWorld - A Best new startup in 2018

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By Jim Mawdsley, CEO of Generator | Jun 20, 2018

"....2018 has already proven to be a massive year for all things tech in the North East. With the release of the Tech Nation 2018 report which showed the North East digital cluster creating more startups than the rest of the UK, here's our take on some of the region's brightest prospects which are set to make a big impact on the UK in the coming months.

SIGNAL Led by Robert Webb and Andy Cox – and inspired by Martin Burt's Poverty Stoplight in Paraguay - the new UK-wide service will help organisations better understand the needs of deprived people in their communities and help them tailor their services.

Using a web-based methodology or app, individuals and households take a visual survey to produce a poverty map that allows them to see the details of their poverty on a dashboard.

Participants select images, categorised as red, yellow or green, that resemble their reality for each poverty indicator. Through its geotagging capabilities, the app can then generate poverty maps for entire communities which allows stakeholders to make targeted efforts and to better channel resources in a joint effort to eliminate poverty.

SIGNAL sits well with the innovative work coming out of the tech sector in the region and is a great example of the vision our tech entrepreneurs have right now".