SIGNAL in Any Town

We have a Poverty problem here in the U.K. For too long too many institutions and policy makers have considered Poverty as a purely economic issue and have therefore overlooked its multi-dimensional complexity. The problem is further compounded by their failure to see Poverty through the eyes of those who experience it every day i.e. individuals and households. Even the World Bank has changed its view and now, like most countries across the globe, considers multi-dimensional approaches to be the only way forward. Methodologies like SIGNAL are aligned to Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative’s Global Multidimensional Poverty Index which enables us to go beyond just measuring and into a new world of micro solutions driven by individuals and households themselves. SIGNAL enables those individuals and households to accumulate rich data which puts them in control of determining their future well-being and, through co-production, helps their support agencies to respond to identified needs. This process will, in turn, create a transformed society in which the needs of the whole the community are in sync with the needs of individuals and households.

Why SIGNAL in Any Town? – well, drawing on a rich evidence base gathered from across the globe, and now here in the UK, we can demonstrate that SIGNAL will work in any community and with any organisation whose central purpose is grounded in tackling social or human challenges. The United Nations Ambassador for Poverty suggested countries like the UK have hidden behind terms such as Social Exclusion, Troubled Families or Complex Lifestyles, all of which happen to mean the very same thing: Poverty. If we invent categories and pigeonhole people in this way, we diminish and dehumanise the issue. If we recognise that Poverty is a multi-dimensional problem, we can also accept that there is nowhere in the UK that is immune to it.

So, what is SIGNAL and how does it work? – to save you time please take a look at our two-minute video by clicking HERE. Where would you start in Any Town? – it can start with a single organisation, a group of collaborating organisations or at local authority level. The key is that once one household has taken SIGNAL and has a Lifemap with priorities they and their support organisation(s) start changing their thinking and behaviour by focussing time and effort not on the symptoms resulting from problems, but on their underlying causes. This granular approach not only creates agency for Households, but organisations start to redefine their social challenges. This is fundamentally a participatory and democratic process – an essential building block to start the process of redefinition and transformation.

You don’t have to just take our word for it please read some of our case studies HERE. We have loads of transformational stories to share with you.

As you will see from our WEBSITE  SIGNAL is a facilitated process. During the Covid-19 pandemic we have been working closely with our partners to support their contingency plans via the remote facilitation of SIGNAL. Remote working can be tailored to match the telephonic and technical capacity of organisations and their clients. We know from our partners that they believe we are in a prolonged period of continuous adjustment both to work and home life and, as such, recognise they will need new data to support the transformation into a new world – and SIGNAL provides that too!

So how can you learn more about SIGNAL and how it could benefit people in your community? Contact us at and we can arrange a demonstration. We are also happy to offer you contact details of our partners should you wish to speak with them directly. We would love to hear from you!

Regards The SIGNAL Team