The ‘Easy Read’ version of SIGNAL has been designed for and by people with Learning Disability.

Here we describe the experience of Neil Adams, Learning Disability Team Leader at Broadacres Housing where he manages supported tenancies across 3 sites in Northallerton, North Yorkshire.  Neil is very excited about the way SIGNAL is engaging his tenants.

Ten years ago Neil realised he wanted a change of career. Having worked in Sales since he was 18, he decided to do something where he could make a difference.  So, he studied for a Psychology degree with the Open University. Having completed his degree, he began his new career by taking up a post in a service supporting people with autism, learning disability and challenging behaviour, eventually leading him to his current role at Broadacres.

“We recently introduced SIGNAL and we started to get amazing results straightaway.  For example, we have a client that, for our service, is on the lower end of support needs; he is an established tenant with a close family that help to support him, so going into it we thought he would have lots of greens. However, we found two things: we identified needs that we never would have been aware of before, ranging from fairly simple (it turns out his house insurance has expired and he didn’t know what to do) to some much more complex needs.

He is (in his own words) a bit of a closed book at times. This really allowed him to open up. I think I learnt more about him in the time it took to go through SIGNAL than I had in the previous two years of working with him!

I then had the most incredible result with a tenant that has been with us for 7 years during which time he has always talked about the same goal of wanting to attend a gym. He hasn’t managed it largely because he suffers from severe anxiety.

This week he attended the gym for the first time in a decade which is a major success!  Of course we have provided lots and lots of support but SIGNAL really helped to motivate him to achieve his goal.  It is proving to be a valuable tool for us”.

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