In 2012, Futureworks NY set out to empower Scarborough's community, dedicated to nurturing potential with compassion and integrity across all age groups. In 2022, they were introduced to Signal - a relational methodology that helps them to better see what’s happening in people’s lives as well as measure their impact.

Meet David Selby, a champion at Futureworks NY, integrating Signal seamlessly into educational programs, guiding young minds towards growth.

One standout example: David's initiative sparked a newfound interest in politics among young learners, culminating in an eye-opening trip to the Beamish Museum. Another highlight: addressing financial literacy gaps and setting the stage for future success. Through Signal, young voices resonate, sharing stories of growth and empowerment. This article offers a glimpse into how Futureworks NY's work integrates Signal not as a tool but more of a beacon of hope, guiding people towards brighter futures. Dive deeper into their inspiring work unlocking empowerment with Signal.

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