Building Futures East uses SIGNAL by remote means to provide essential services for its Community

We are living in unprecedented times where many Civil Society organisations have been implementing  Covid-19 contingency plans to continue supporting their clients whilst protecting their core business. Although this means that some have had to furlough staff and, in some cases, suspend operations, many have found new ways to deliver essential services. So, with this in mind, we have adjusted SIGNAL so that it can now also be delivered to clients remotely. Whilst it remains a facilitated process we have tailored it to work with whatever equipment an individual might have access to, from telephony through to other forms of technology. We have piloted several options with organisations, including Building Futures East, who are using a range of methods and are advising us that it is working well for them and their clients.  Indeed, feedback indicates that it is helping them keep in touch with the evolving needs of their clients in these difficult times, particularly where the effects of prolonged social isolation is a growing problem.


Anthony Woods Waters, CEO Building Futures East says: “...despite the current public health crisis, our efforts to continue a level of service delivery, to enable the individual progress of our beneficiaries and to deliver successful outcomes are underpinned by SIGNAL’s remote facilitation capacity. SIGNAL enables us to continue to meet the needs of our service users and capture the data to help us make our services even more responsive and strategically informed which will be of great value for our post-Covid-19 planning”. 

Andy Cox Director of SIGNAL says; “Building Futures East is a forward-thinking partner who continues to innovate to maintain good engagement with their clients as well as the value of data to enhance their envisioning of a post-Corvid19 society”.

If you to wish to discuss how SIGNAL could benefit your clients and your organisation and find out more about how remote facilitation works, we would be keen to talk to you. Please feel free to email us on to set up a SIGNAL demonstration.  - why don’t you look at our 2-minute explanatory video on our landing page?