The Millin Charity is one of 25 organisations delivering innovative projects in Newcastle and North Tyneside, through North Of Tyne Community Led Local Development  (NoTCLLD), a 5-year programme funded by the European Union. NoTCLLD is supporting organisations to deliver a wide range of activities, all with one thing in common; they are designed to help local people and businesses to grow and do the best that they can, either by helping to find training, employment or self-employment or by helping people set up their own business or support the business they already have.

NoTCCLD uses SIGNAL to measure its social impact and to target its resources at areas of real need.  In this article The Millin Charity team tell us how SIGNAL has helped them and the people they work with better understand how to remove barriers and make positive changes.

At The Millin Charity, we have been using SIGNAL within our CLLD projects, A chance to Trade, which supports women to set up their own businesses and Steps Together which enables women to increase confidence and move into employment or further training. The Millin Charity has been running for over 20 years and is based in the west end of Newcastle. During this time we have built a trust and rapport with the local community, as well as made strong relationships with other local organisations.

We first started using SIGNAL for our A Chance to Trade project which includes a range of business workshops and courses. SIGNAL enables our clients to tell their story and to self-identify those things that they would most like to change about their lives and which are barriers to personal progress.  SIGNAL not only helps to identify these barriers but also enables us to work with our clients to overcome them.  We are therefore able to work on many issues which are not always readily disclosed: things like abusive relationships, drugs and alcohol abuse, housing issues and financial struggles. We are then better able to support our clients to engage in specialist services, including with other NoTCLLD partners.

One client told us that she had gone 3 days without any food and had been too ashamed to ask for help. In this case, we were able to give her information about what to do if she ever found herself in this situation, but more importantly referred her to welfare Rights Advice to help avoid this situation happening again.

Another client told us that she didn’t always feel safe at home. We were then able to provide details about local support agencies that could provide the support that she needed and information about what to do if she felt in danger.

We have had people present with concerns about the effect their past abusive relationships have on their children and have been able to make a referral to an organisation that works with families dealing with stresses of this kind.

We at The Millin Charity value holistic support models and believe, in order to support women to fully move forward and achieve their goals, the barriers that they face need to be addressed.

We have found SIGNAL a useful tool because it helps us to gather vital information about a client’s situation so we can offer additional support, working with them to remove barriers so they can progress with their journey.

If you would like to find out more about how SIGNAL could help people in your community please get in touch at