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Our Vision

Eliminate poverty at a household level across the UK

Enable households to use their data to influence policy direction and shape local services

Work directly with community focused partners who are experiencing complex social issues and require an evidence-based approach to change and transformation

“SIGNAL is a tool which helps people identify their real needs while inspiring them to make the changes that are required to transform their lives. At the same time, it enables organisations to gain clarity and respond more effectively to those needs in any environment.”

- Andy Cox, SIGNAL

Who's Who

Introducing SIGNAL co-directors  –  the trading name for Transmit Enterprise social enterprise CiC

Robert Webb
Robert Webb

I believe it is possible to build a fair, just and resilient society in which strong communities are comprised of people who are able to fulfill their potential.  However, my experience has taught me how wide the gap can be between the aspiration and the reality because, too often, the voices of those who live in these communities are overlooked; by policymakers, funders and providers.

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SIGNAL makes it possible to close that gap because it ensures that people’s real needs are identified and the causes behind those needs are understood.

SIGNAL is a dynamic, pro-active methodology; it is not a passive survey.  It starts to be useful as soon as the first participant completes their ‘Life Map’ because it generates an Action Plan.

Using SIGNAL means that the focus is on the individual and the household; and the more people who participate, the richer the accumulated data becomes as it builds a detailed picture of community needs.

Andy Cox
Andy Cox MBA BSc

Despite the many wonderful organisations and dedicated people who support people in our hard-pressed communities across the UK, their challenges are increasing and becoming more complex by the day. Following extensive research some years back, we uncovered the Global Stoplight approach which helps tackle just this kind of dilemma.

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Since 2018 we have been testing its relevancy and impact here in the UK, with some amazing results.

We have been building a new paradigm through SIGNAL, which engages and creates agency with people who languish within our communities, to support their desired life changes whilst positively transforming those institutions that serve them. Together with our partners we are harnessing, rather than squandering, this vast, untapped human potential.  Whilst our focus is always on the end-consumer our partners are agencies and service- providers who are looking to deliver contemporary services whilst better meeting their stated purpose.

SIGNAL is hosted and deployed across the UK within Transmit Enterprise CiC. A social enterprise established in 2010, with an outstanding reputation for supporting and consulting with a range of business partners across the social economy.

Marie Claire
Dr Marie Claire Burt

Marie Claire Burt is passionate about using data and research to improve the well-being of people around the world. She is the Adjunct Manager of Projects at Fundación Paraguaya and also works in the development consultancy space where she works collaboratively across the public, private and philanthropic sectors to promote growth.

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  Marie Claire has a PhD from the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), University of Sussex (UK). She also has a Master’s degree in Education from Claremont Graduate University (USA) and a Master’s degree in Social Research from the University of Edinburgh (UK).

Rich Gibbons
Dr Rich Gibbons

Through my work with SIGNAL and as part of the Gateshead Community Bridgebuilders (an unincorporated collaborative of partnered organisations), I recognise that current societal structures often inherently exclude and marginalise a wide range of people. I believe that as a society, we need to create systems that foster inclusion, meaningful participation, and community power.

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For communities to thrive, local people need to have the opportunities, skills, and confidence to engage in making decisions that are going to improve their lives now and in the future. My work therefore aims to build new participative models of community decision-making, and to support local people to feel confident being part of them.

My background and doctorate are in the social sciences, with a focus on wellbeing and happiness; how people explore a good life. I am primarily interested in qualitative/biographic approaches, and use participatory models of community engagement and research. The SIGNAL methodology fits perfectly into these approaches because it focuses on people; their hopes, dreams, struggles and successes. It helps individuals to contextualise and make sense of the root causes that drive issues in their lives, and therefore synergises well with my wider work.

Caroline Gitsham MBE
Housing Ambassador: Caroline Gitsham MBE

Caroline L Gitsham Consulting Ltd is a consultancy to encourage, challenge and inspire people and organisations to enhance their contribution to customers, communities and society. Having worked for over 30 years in the Public Sector, including 15 successful years working at an Executive Level.

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Caroline is passionate about customer service and making a difference. She has worked with a variety of partners across a colourful career including working in an advisory capacity to the government and other bodies. Caroline has experience of managing significant resources in challenging environments across a range of agendas. Alongside her enthusiasm, insight and sense of humour, Caroline adds great value to Signal.

Doctor Sarah Bowman
SIGNAL Ambassador: Dr Sarah Bowman

A former corporate, PR and marketing communications professional turned academic with a PhD that explores the knowledge and competencies for public affairs. Interests include knowledge, competencies and ethics; stakeholder engagement including issues and crisis management; change communications and the role of arts theory including multi-sensory experiences.

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Sarah’s research uses a variety of conceptual frameworks focusing investigating complex stakeholder settings and is inherently rhizomatic. She also have a deep interest in pedagogy and how people learn and develop. As a practitioner, she worked at senior levels in the private, public and third sectors including large corporations, start-ups, and not-for-profit organisations; as well as experience of working regionally, nationally and at a pan-European level.

Global Stoplight Movement

SIGNAL values its connection with Global Stoplight Partners and the sharing of expertise under the central leadership of  Fundacion Paraguaya 

Each member of the global movement is committed to poverty elimination. Each Hub comprising of trained users of the methodology who all bring a wealth of experience to the fore and offer exciting and innovative ways to deploy the methodology as well as a willingness to share local expertise. Each partner is committed to developing a paradigm shift in examining poverty from the ground up. Their efforts are proving that the toughest poverty challenges can be eliminated through behavioural change at several levels. HUBS (which include businesses, organizations, associations, and government programs) use the Stoplight methodology to empower clients; to make “visible” the invisible manifestations of poverty; to monitor and evaluate their programs; and to build external capacity.

The Saville Foundation

We are privileged to receive invaluable mentorship and support from Gary Shearer and dedicated team at The Saville Foundation.

The Saville Foundation is committed to enabling meaningful social change globally. The world today is driven by historic systems that are becoming obsolete and not serving humanity as effectively as they could.

We support exciting methodologies and ways of operating that can meaningfully alter these methods. We work with social entrepreneurs and other changemakers such as SIGNAL, where appropriate connecting with other Philanthropists, Corporates and ultimately government.

We provide perspective, mentorship or strategic guidance within the initiatives or movements we support. Our role has also evolved to play a challenging and networking role in the philanthropy sector, encouraging partnerships where possible.

For more information, please read www.tsf.bm signal.

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We are keen to hear from organisations who are experiencing complex social challenges and require an evidence-based approach to supporting the wellbeing of their people, whilst embracing a change and  transformation approach. If you're interested please contact us here