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SIGNAL is part of a global movement with the purpose of eliminating poverty, improving well-being, and enhancing quality of life.

What Is Signal?

Given that everybody's circumstances are different, SIGNAL is designed to enable individuals and households to assess their own situations and implement personalised strategies to overcome their specific challenges.

A Quick Introduction

SIGNAL is a tool which helps people identify their real needs while inspiring them to make the changes that are required to transform their lives.

At the same time, it enables organisations to gain clarity and respond more effectively to those needs in any environment.

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SIGNAL is relevant to a wide range of organisations. We intend to share with you on a regular basis case studies from our partners, communities and households to showcase the impact that SIGNAL is having.


We have a poverty problem here in the U.K. For too long too many institutions and policy makers have considered poverty as a purely economic issue and have therefore overlooked its multi-dimensional complexity.

The problem is further compounded by their failure to see poverty through the eyes of those who experience it every day i.e. individuals and households.

Latest News

Why I’m a SIGNAL Fan 😊

July 9th, 2024|

Meet Rachael Wallace Lapper, a volunteer at Building Futures East in Walker, Newcastle. Here she explains the crucial role that SIGNAL played during a particularly difficult period in her life and how she became [...]

No Question is Too Small!

May 10th, 2024|

Meet Itai Mabvute, a caseworker at Changing Futures Northumbria. Itai's natural curiosity leads him to ask questions whenever he's uncertain about something.  Despite mastering SIGNAL as a facilitator, his work supporting citizens who are [...]

About Us

Our Vision

The aim of SIGNAL is to:

Eliminate poverty at a household level across the UK

Enable households to use their data to influence policy direction and shape local services

Work directly with community focused partners who are experiencing complex social issues and require an evidence-based approach to change and transformation

"Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity. It is an act of justice. It is the protection of a fundamental human right, the right to dignity and a decent life." - Nelson Mandela